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Info Bulletin No. 35 english (New Edition 2011)

In July 2003 the Department of Construction, Transport and Environment of the Swiss Canton of Aargau directed that the Kölliken Hazardous Waste Site Consortium be required to remediate completely the hazardous waste landfill site by the end of 2015.

Remediation Process

The waste materials will be removed completely by several excavation teams working in parallel, using special vehicles and under strict safety measures. To excavate the teams will use diggers fitted with backhoes, drum grippers, big-bag grippers, forks and front-end loaders. The machine operators work in airtight and dustproof cabins in a clean atmosphere. They are protected from contact with the waste material and from the contaminated air within the excavation hall. In the immediate proximity of the landfill an on-site laboratory was built. The excavated waste materials are checked, analysed and, based on the analytical results assigned for appropriate disposal. Thereafter the landfill materials will be sorted accordingly to their level of contamination and stored in storage boxes.

Transportation to disposal site

The waste materials will either be transported by train, by road or ship to the site of disposal. With the landfill management system (DMS) the SMDK has a tool to control all waste movements, knowing at anytime where the materials and what their allocated disposal processes are.


After the removal of the all infrastructure there will be an interim recultivation of the site. The excavated pit will be filled with a clean layer of gravel and sand and then replanted. The results of the remediation will be observed for another three to four years, an important indication being the quality of the groundwater.

If the results are acceptable and after consultation with the local authorities, the landfill will be finally restored and redeveloped appropriately.

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