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Hazardous waste landfill (SMDK) Kölliken

The Kölliken hazardous waste landfill (SMDK) was set up and operated by a consortium (the cantons of Aargau and Zurich, the city of Zurich and the Basel chemical industry (BCI)) as from 1978. In 1985 it was forced to close before being completely filled, as a result of massive problems with the environment and the local residents. During its period of operation, around 300 000 m3 or 475 000 tonnes of hazardous waste was deposited in drums, bigbags or as loose material.

Between 1986 and 2004, extensive investigative and safety work was carried out, the cost of which was in the order of CHF 150 million.


Total decontamination of the site

In 2003, the cantonal supervisory authority ordered a thorough decontamination of the site, meaning the complete dismantling of the landfill.
For this purpose, three sealed buildings with internal negative pressure were built in 2006/2007. The waste air from the buildings is constantly exhausted and cleaned. All in all, some 628 000 tonnes of material (waste, rock and surface covering) has to be removed, sampled and transported to various treatment plant in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.
The remediation work began in autumn 2007 an was completed the middle of 2016. After evidence of decontamination the bottom of the landfill, 2017 it was possible to fill partialy with 360 000 tonns of clean material (from the construction site of a new railyway tunnel). 2018 the buildings will dismantled and until 2022 the area will be recultivated.

Based on the planning and the current progress of the remediation work, the total cost is envisaged to be around CHF 692 million (as at september 2017).

In addition to the Web site, many information paper was printed an several video was shown on the swiss and german television. Please direct any questions to